Causes of hypoxia in pregnant women

Many pregnant women has short of breath,feel sick, Most of them are due to lack of oxygen. But do you know why is the causes?

 Pregnant women's oxygen demand doubled

Pregnant women have more oxygen demand, about twice as many as ordinary people. During pregnancy, almost all pregnant women will have hypoxia, but only to a different extent. Therefore, pregnant women need to supplement the oxygen on time to avoid hypoxia. This can help pregnant women to have a fetus, to prevent miscarriage, and to improve the baby's IQ and development ability to some extent.

 Fetal causes

The umbilical cord wraps around the part of the fetus, such as the hands, feet, and neck of the fetus; or the umbilical cord is grasped by the fetus itself; there is a decrease in the function of the placenta, an anemia in the mother's body, and so on.

Fetal hypoxia

If the fetal heart rate is more than one hundred and sixty times per minute, it means that the baby in the abdomen has hypoxia; if the fetal heart rate does not exceed one hundred and twenty times per minute, especially below one hundred, it is expressed as a fetus. More dangerous.
However, there is no need to worry too much. This is a normal pregnancy symptom.There are some tips to alleviate these some symptoms.

Check treatment 

If the pregnant woman does not have heart, lung and other symptoms, there is no need for special treatment in the absence of oxygen. If pregnant women often feel chest tightness or breathlessness, and the symptoms are serious, even affecting daily life, such as unable to sit on their backs, etc., they must go to regular hospitals for ECG, cardiac function, echocardiography and other tests. 

Pregnant women's self-psychological adjustment 

The pregnancy response of each pregnant woman is not exactly the same, so no need to compare everything to other pregnant women. As long as pregnant women ensure that their emotions are relaxed and happy, there is no need to worry. If the indicators at the time of the birth check are normal, the pregnant woman has no symptoms, and the growth and development of the fetus is normal, then simple and necessary treatment can be performed, such as oxygen inhalation, regular fetal monitoring, biophysical score estimation, release of nervousness, and good mood.

Ensure maternal nutrition balance 

Make necessary dietary adjustments to ensure a balanced diet. If necessary, pregnant women need to hang intravenous nutrient solution to enhance their physical fitness. 

Oxygen care during pregnancy 

Two or three times a day, each time the oxygen is not more than 15 minutes. Pregnant women often take oxygen care, which is beneficial to reduce the occurrence of various hypoxic conditions and is beneficial to the healthy growth of the fetus.
Natural air can't make up for the oxygen needed in pregnant women. At this time, many doctors recommend that pregnant women use oxygen machine to supplement oxygen.