How to Deal with Environmental Allergies Caused by COPD

For many people, the arrival of springtime is a wonderful thing. New blooms start popping up, the temperature will rise, and the whole world seems to come alive. However, for those with pulmonary disorders like COPD, the allergens in the spring air can cause difficulty with breathing and functioning fully.

If you want to stay as healthy as possible this spring, here are a few tips to manage your environmental allergies:

      Choose wisely when to go out

 For both COPD and seasonal allergies, it’s important to spend the majority of your outdoor time when the air quality is the best. Try to avoid it during poor/”red” air quality days, or on days when it’s particularly windy.

      Change clothes when you get home

 To avoid contaminating your entire home or bedroom with allergens, change your clothes when   you come inside. Keep your outdoor clothes in a hamper or mudroom.

      Replace your air filters

Springtime often means open windows and doors, and more outside time for you and members of your household. Consider changing your air filters now, to best handle the influx of allergens.

      Use medication if needed

 Sometimes, in order to breathe, those with COPD need to use medications, either Rx or OTC. If you’re really struggling with shortness of breath, clogged sinuses, or other symptoms, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about a medicine that might help you.

 Having the right amount of oxygen is also key in managing springtime allergies for those with COPD.

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