Evaluating the Impact: Oxygen Supplementation for Pregnant Women and Fetal Health

During pregnancy, pregnant women need to be responsible for the oxygen supply of two people, so it is very important to have sufficient oxygen supply at this time. Is the specific pregnant woman oxygen-absorbing to the fetus? The more oxygen in pregnant women, the better the fetus is?

Q: Is it good for the fetus if pregnant women supplement oxygen?

A: Sure.

Pregnant women's oxygen can rapidly increase the blood oxygen content and oxygen reserve of the mother, placenta and fetus, so that the placenta can get a sufficient supply of oxygen, accelerate the penetration of nutrients in the mother's body into the fetus, improve fetal hypoxia, and promote fetal growth and development.

Benefiting the growth and development of the fetus The oxygen required by the fetus is obtained from the mother's blood through the placenta. Therefore, oxygen in the pregnant woman can ensure that the fetus gets enough oxygen to make the fetus better develop and prevent premature birth or dementia.

And can correct fetal hypoxia, if the fetus in the uterus developmental delay or placental dysplasia, fetal heart disorder, etc., can be effectively treated by oxygen, correct fetal hypoxia, to ensure the safety of the fetus.

Q: The more oxygen in pregnant women, the better the fetus is?

A: Overdose can have an effect on the fetus.

Oxygen inhalation is based on the needs of pregnant women. Not all pregnant women can take oxygen. For example, anemia, poor lung function, heart disease and other pregnant women, the hospital is recommended to take oxygen.

In the observation of the third trimester, the number of amniotic fluid, whether the fetal development is limited or not, will be used as a condition for assisting oxygen inhalation. Pregnant women must not blindly absorb oxygen, so as not to lose gains.


The time of oxygen inhalation should not be too long. Generally speaking, the oxygen inhalation time is about half an hour, and the time can last up to one week. Although pregnant women can breathe oxygen, they can't blindly suck, and they must follow the hospital's instructions.

Different pregnant women, the concentration of oxygen and the amount of oxygen and time are slightly different. It is not recommended that pregnant women take oxygen at home. If you are taking oxygen at home and cannot control the oxygen concentration and flow, it is easy to damage health.