The difference between breathing machines and oxygen generators

Breathing machine for home use and oxygen concentrators are relatively popular pieces of home medical equipment these days. Many people are unaware of the differences between ventilators and oxygen machines. They think of the breathing machine as an oxygen making machine and mistakenly believe that the breathing machine can also produce oxygen. Indeed, a breathing machine and an oxygen generator are fundamentally different medical devices. So, what is the difference between a home breathing machine and an home oxygen generator?


The distinction between a home ventilator and an o2 machine is that they operate on fundamentally different principles.


The home ventilator theory is as follows: while autonomous ventilation creates negative pressure in the chest cavity, negative pressure in the alveoli and airway occurs when the lungs are passively expanded, which is the difference in pressure between the airway opening the alveoli necessary to complete the inhalation. After inhalation, the thorax and lungs elastically retract, creating an opposite pressure difference to meet the exhalation. Thus, regular breathing occurs due to the "active negative pressure differential" between the alveoli and the airway orifice generated by the body during the inhalation action. Following inhalation, the thorax and lung elasticity contract create a passive positive pressure differential between the alveoli and the airway orifice and exhale to satisfy physiological ventilation requirements.


The oxygen maker's principle is the application of physical adsorption and desorption technology based on molecular sieves. The oxygen generator is filled with molecular sieves, which can absorb nitrogen in the air when pressurized, and the remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected. After purification treatment, it becomes high-purity oxygen.


For example, TTlife portable oxygen concentrator NT-01 uses the principle of molecular sieve to filter out the oxygen in the air, and provides oxygen flow of 1-5L/min pulse flow and high efficient oxygen concentration of 93%±3%. The portable oxygen is compact and easy to use. The o2 concentrator is convenient for patients in urgent need and patients with early cardiopulmonary disease, some women with complications, and even some outdoor travel enthusiasts; for people who have lengthy mental labor, oxygen therapy can also be conveniently operated outside. The current technological development can ultimately make home oxygen therapy a habit, which can improve the disease's progress from the early stage. For patients with more severe conditions in the middle and late stages, this portable oxygen tank NT-01 also dramatically improves their quality of life. You can reunite with your family and travel abroad while inhaling oxygen.


It is simple to differentiate between a breathing machine and an oxygen supply machine once you understand the concepts of both. Simply stated, a breathing machine is not the same as an concentrator. The ventilator functions similarly to an air compressor, supplying air flow similar to an electric fan, which is used to assist and replace human breathing. The personal oxygen is like a sieve, filtering out the fresh oxygen in the air. In the hospital, two types of devices are often used to treat, usually more severe diseases such as pulmonary disease and heart failure.