Using the oxygen machine indoors, will it be life-threatening if it is not ventilated ?

First, briefly talk about the working principle of the machine. The oxygen machine sucks the surrounding air through an air compressor, then passes through molecular sieve screening, then discharges other gases, and sends oxygen to the oxygen storage tank for us to absorb.

However, there is more than oxygen in the air, the most is nitrogen.The proportion of nitrogen in the air is 78%, the proportion of oxygen is 21%, and the rest are other gases. Under normal circumstances, this ratio will not change. Even if the oxygen is reduced, it will be supplemented to this ratio. Everyone knows that air is flowing, but no matter how it flows, it will still exist in this proportion. In other words, no matter what the environment is, this ratio will not change much.

However, paying attention to the keyword: "flow", the flow of air will make oxygen and nitrogen mixed in the air proportionally. Once the air does not circulate, it will cause the gas to be unable to be replenished, which will be dangerous, but this danger is not caused by the oxygen generator.

There have been many accidents before, such as sleeping in a car at night. Because the air conditioner was turned on, the windows of the car were closed tightly. Did not wake up the next day. This is a very simple case. Because of the lack of air circulation, there is too much carbon dioxide in the car, and there is no fresh oxygen to add in, resulting in death. Therefore, the operation of the oxygen generator needs to work under the condition of ventilation.

As for whether the oxygen generator is safe to use indoors, believing you also understand. Under normal circumstances, the room is not a sealed environment, so the oxygen generator can be used safely. But when using it in a car, you need to slightly open the window.