Which is more cost-effective to rent an oxygen tank or buy an oxygen generator in a hospital?

Personally feel that the advantage of the oxygen generator is far greater than that of the oxygen tank. Why? From a few explanations.

1. Effect: Let me talk about the oxygen inhalation effect first, this is the most important. Generally, the elderly use it all year around, and most of the elderly suffer from respiratory diseases, such as: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease and so on. This is collectively referred to as disease demand selection oxygen generator, so the effect of oxygen generation must be guaranteed. How to protect? It depends on the oxygen inhalation equipment. Needless to say, the oxygen concentration in the medical oxygen cylinder is more than 90%. Let’s talk about the advantages of oxygen generators. The biggest difference is in the oxygen concentration, high-quality oxygen generators. The oxygen concentration of the machine can be stably maintained above 90% without attenuation Machines of 5 liters or more are highly recommended. Therefore, choosing such an oxygen generator and an oxygen tank has no difference in the therapeutic effect, and both are very good.

2. Price: After watching the effect, we are more concerned about the price issue. The price of the high-quality oxygen concentrator I mentioned above is about $500-$800. The one-time input cost of the oxygen concentrator seems to be relatively high, but it is still more cost-effective than oxygen tank for people who breathe oxygen all the year round. 

3. Convenient and safe. the portable oxygen concentrators are more advantageous than oxygen tank. Because the raw material of the oxygen generator is air, air is inhaled to produce oxygen, so as long as there is electricity, it needs to be filled in the hospital after the oxygen tank is used up. Oxygen is very troublesome. And everyone knows that oxygen is flammable and explosive. A large tank of oxygen is very dangerous to keep at home, and the oxygen generator needs to produce oxygen at any time, so it is still very safe.

Considering the above points, I highly recommend the oxygen concentrator, because the oxygen concentrator is based on oxygen tank in all aspects. However, there is a prerequisite: to buy a high-quality oxygen generator! ! ! ! This is very important.