Why Do We Need Deep Sleep?

A study by the American Sleep Association found that although every adult sleeps 6-9 hours a night, the time to enter deep sleep is often less than 2 hours. Generally, normal sleep is called REM, and deep sleep is called NREM.

When you enter deep sleep, it becomes more difficult to wake up, and if you do wake up, you may feel confused or "groggy" at first. During this stage of deep sleep, your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate are at their lowest levels and your muscles are relaxed.

Why do I need deep sleep?

It has been found through research that deep sleep is considered the most important of all sleep stages. Research has shown that the primary function of deep sleep is to allow the brain time to recover and restore itself after a full day of activity. Deep sleep is important for memory - people who are sleep deprived usually perform worse on memory tests and during learning.

During this stage of sleep, more growth hormone is also released, which is important for the body's growth and development.

Deep sleep is believed to play an important role in the proper functioning of the immune system.

How can I sleep deeply?

The duration of deep sleep decreases with age. People under 30 years old usually have about 2 hours per night. However, only half an hour was available for those over 65 years old.

Here are some ways to help improve the duration of deep sleep in older adults:

  1. Take a hot bath or soak in a sauna before going to bed, because brain temperature is related to the regulation of slow-wave sleep.
  2. Combining this with low-carb consumption can help increase the duration of deep sleep.
  3. increase the amount of time spent on physical exercise during the day, but strenuous exercise at night is not recommended.
  4. If sleep problems are caused by breathing problems, it is recommended to use an oxygen concentrator that runs 24h. 

In short, in a person's life, more than one-third of the time is spent in sleep. Proper and good sleep can regulate physiological functions and maintain the balance of the nervous system, which is an important part of life. Poor sleep, lack of sleep, the next day will be wrong head was swollen, general weakness. Sleep is closely related to healthy work and study.