Rising Popularity: Why More People are Choosing to Have Breathing Machines at Home

Oxygen machine? Many people feel that they are seriously ill at home when they listen to the oxygen concentrator. In fact, this view is wrong...

As the society now pays more and more attention to health management, oxygen therapy is also one of the mainstream health care methods. Especially in families with elderly and pregnant women, home oxygen concentrators are already very common home medical equipment.

So, what are the benefits of oxygen therapy?

Oxygen therapy, originated in Western Europe, is an advanced fitness method. In the late 1960s, West Germany began the research and application of oxygen health care. Since the 1980s, Mexico, the United States, and Japan have successively carried out oxygen health care. Especially in Japan, small oxygen machines have become best-products. In economically developed countries, oxygen inhalation has become a fashion. About 20% of households have small oxygen generators for their families to carry out oxygen health care.

The benefits of "oxygen therapy" are divided into seven points:

1. Eliminate fatigue, improve intelligence and work efficiency

According to the human brain, oxygen consumption accounts for more than 20% of the whole body, and it is particularly sensitive to hypoxia. Insufficient oxygen supply to the brain can cause fatigue syndromes such as insufficient physical strength, lack of physical strength, dizziness, insomnia, decreased memory, and loss of appetite, which affects people's intelligence and work efficiency. Oxygen can significantly improve the above symptoms.

2. Improve body resistance, cure disease and prevent disease

Oxygen inhalation can increase the material metabolism of human cells, tissues and organs, enhance the function of various organs, and improve the body's immunity. It has a good preventive effect on common diseases such as cerebral insufficiency, cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease, asthma, and nerve failure.

3. Contribute to beauty and beauty

Oxygen inhalation can enhance the aerobic metabolism of human cells, strengthen skin nutrition, increase elasticity of loose skin, and reduce wrinkles; it can also reduce melanin deposition and beautify the skin; oxygen inhalation can help improve hair follicle nutrition, promote hair growth, and prevent hair loss . Some people abroad run a "youth clinic" dedicated to oxygen inhalation, and believe that it can achieve the goal of radiant and youthful permanent residence.

4. Regular oxygen inhalation can resist aging

As age increases, arterial blood oxygen pressure gradually decreases (smokers are more pronounced), blood vessel sclerosis and lung function decline. Oxygen inhalation can significantly increase oxygen pressure and prevent the occurrence of senile diseases. In addition, oxygen inhalation can also improve the biological activity of superoxide dismutation (SOD), inhibit the damage of harmful free radicals in the body to cells, and have a preventive effect on various senile diseases such as senile dementia.

5. Helps improve male sexual function

Oxygen health care is an advanced method of strengthening the body. Oxygen inhalation can enhance vision and improve presbyopia; oxygen inhalation can also increase libido index, improve male sexual function, maintain vigor, and improve quality of life; oxygen inhalation can also promote rapid physical strength after exercise Recovery.

6. Beneficial to the growth and development of the fetus

The oxygen that the fetus needs is obtained from the mother's blood through the placenta. Therefore, the pregnant woman can ensure that the fetus receives enough oxygen, so that the fetus can develop better and prevent premature birth or dementia.

7. Improve sub-health status

People in modern society often have the following feelings: depression, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, chronic sore throat, and repeated colds... Medical experts call it "sub-healthy state." According to survey statistics, about 60% of the population are in a sub-healthy state, and the proportion of young and middle-aged intellectuals is even higher, and about 78% are in a sub-healthy state. Experiments have proved that oxygen inhalation is very effective in improving sub-health.

Oxygen therapy and oxygen health care are positive, safe and effective methods. Oxygen inhalation will directly increase the blood oxygen content and oxygen partial pressure in the arteries. Low flow oxygen therapy and oxygen health care do not require special guidance. The effect is positive and beneficial and harmless. When performing oxygen therapy and oxygen health care, it is generally necessary to persist for a long time, and perseverance can consolidate the effect.

Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a suitable household oxygen concentrator at this time. Oxygen concentrators are generally divided into two types: health care and medical, which are helpful for people suffering from respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases. It can alleviate the symptoms of insufficient blood supply to the brain, chest tightness, dizziness and other symptoms caused by hypoxia.