used oxygen concentrator

    Our Used Oxygen Concentrators are ideal for users who are searching for a more affordable alternative instead of purchasing a new oxygen concentrator. There are their own advantages of whether buying a brand new or a used oxygen concentrator with good quality. An important point in purchasing a used unit is that the price is very affordable. We can provide you the used units with the same high quality and service. 

    Our technical experts conducted a quality inspection on these items. Each of our units has been cleaned and thoroughly tested to ensure the highest level of operation. We are not only refurbished machines, and the only downside is that there may be some scratches on the outside and the outer box is slightly damaged.

    Attention: Because of the location of our warehouse, the used oxygen concentrators are only available in United States. If you want to order our products to other countries, please click this brand new machines to place an order.

    Our used unit does not support an unconditional one-month return policy.

    Our used machines need more time to repack. It takes 5-7 days to prepare for shipment.

    Sorry, there are no products in this collection.