What is the TTLIFE Drop-ship Program?

Drop-shipping is a business system whereby

· 1. You sell products on your website or shop;

· 2. Once a sale is made you order from us;

· 3. We send the product directly to your customer;

TTLIFE handles the order and you keep the profit margin between your sale price and TTLIFE's online price.This is the flow chart:


 How can I join the Drop-ship Program?


When you want to do drop-shipping and purchase from TTLIFE , please contact us, black.car.1304@gmail.com, Skype: black.car.1304@gmail.com

You will receive a confirmation e-mail ,The discount rate on your first drop-ship orders will be 5%, and this percentage will increase according to your sales amount.

If you want to drop-ship some TTLIFE products, please ensure that you are abiding by the tax regulations for selling them in other countries.

What is the drop-ship discount?

What are the benefits of the Drop-ship Program?

1. No joining fee;

2. 5%-20% drop-ship discount;

3. Free shipping for some countries;

4. Free use of TTLIFE product images without the watermark in a CSV file;

5. Timely updated stock and stock alarms;

6. Hot items recommendations to boost your drop-ship business;

7. Big discounts for drop-shippers or only for you;

8. Exclusive drop-ship weekly deals newsletters;

9. Import bulk orders in your drop-ship center;

How can I get pictures of products without a watermark?

You will have the permission to use the images and descriptions of our products as shown on our website.

You can download the pictures on TTLIFE website. We recommend you do not copy directly the product descriptions from TTLIFE. You can edit them to make your listing more unique.

How are customs and import taxes handled?

The customer is responsible for paying all customs charges and import duties. It is important that you find out more about the customs regulations of each country and inform your customers of these charges before placing an order so to avoid unexpected costs.

Please note that it is your responsibility as a TTLIFE drop-shipper to inquire and inform your customers of the possible import duties and extra charges they may have to pay.

Will TTLIFE details, price paid or logo appear on my customer's package?

No. We do not write any company information on our parcels. Your customers will not be informed about the price you paid or see our logo anywhere on the package.

How can I deal with warranties, products or delivery issues?

As a drop-shipper, you will act as a customer service representative for your clients and will handle all communications between us and them. TTLIFE will have no direct contact with your customers.

Please file a claim on behalf of one of your customers by contacting us at

info@oxygenconcentrator.shop and send us some photos or a short video illustrating the issue with that item. We will give you a solution within 24 hours.

For more information, please refer to - TTLIFE Refund Policy

Any questions,please contact us: black.car.1304@gmail.com