Oxygen-Themed Halloween Celebrations with TTLife

As the spooky season of Halloween approaches, it's time to indulge in thrilling festivities while prioritizing our health and well-being. With TTLife's range of home and portable oxygen concentrators, you can embrace the spirit of Halloween and enjoy the festivities while ensuring proper oxygen therapy. This blog will explore how integrating oxygen therapy with special Halloween activities can create a memorable and health-conscious celebration.

During the TTLife Happy Halloween sitewide promotion, customers can enjoy:

  • Up to 30% off + an extra 15% off on TTLife sitewide, saving up to $550.
  • An exclusive Halloween gift with every machine purchase on 1st Nov.

Take note: Our exclusive event runs from October 31st to November 2nd. Seize this prime opportunity to bring your Halloween visions to life and make the season truly memorable. Don't miss out on these substantial savings!

 Oxygen Therapy & Halloween

TTLife's home oxygen concentrators offer two essential functions: oxygen therapy and atomization therapy. This dual functionality ensures that those with respiratory conditions can experience enhanced respiratory support while enjoying Halloween activities. By providing a concentrated and steady supply of oxygen, these devices promote better lung function and help alleviate symptoms, allowing you to fully participate in the Halloween fun.

Special Halloween Offers - Oxygen Concentrators

To make your Halloween celebrations even more exciting, TTLife has prepared a spooktacular offer. Enjoy a three-day price reduction of 30% and an additional 15% discount on oxygen concentrators, which is code H15, ensuring accessibility for those in need of reliable oxygen therapy. But there's more! On Halloween, November 1, customers who order an oxygen concentrator will receive a complimentary oximeter, a valuable tool for monitoring oxygen levels at home. This additional treat serves as a reminder of TTLife's commitment to your well-being.

Exclusive Halloween Offer - Accessories

 As part of the Halloween 15% discount event, the portable oxygen concentrator NT-02 offers discounts on both its 8-cell battery and 16-cell battery. The 8-cell battery for the NT-02 can provide approximately 3.5 hours of use, while the 16-cell battery offers a longer runtime of around 6 hours.

In addition, the portable oxygen concentrator NT-03, also included in the Halloween discount event, is equipped with a 4-cell battery and an 8-cell battery. The 4-cell battery for the NT-03 allows for approximately 2.5 hours of usage, while the 8-cell battery provides a longer runtime of about 5.5 hours.

These battery specifications highlight the flexibility and convenience of the NT-02 and NT-03 portable oxygen concentrators. With different battery options available, users can select the model that suits their specific needs and desired usage time. Whether you require a shorter runtime for quick outings or a longer duration for extensive use, TTLife's Halloween discount event ensures that you can enjoy cost savings while obtaining the necessary respiratory support.