Plasma and Ozone Air Purifier for Home/Office Air Purification and Water Sterilization

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Description: GL-3190 Air Plasma, Air Quality Specialist. What is plasma? Plasma air technology produces a natural bio-climate rich in active oxygen molecules. the plasma air creates a measurable and controllable quantity of positive and negative oxygen ion.The negative ions contain an extra electron while the positive ion are missing an electron resulting in an unstable condition. these unstable ions was proven to provide high level of air quality in:* 86% reduction in dust particles within 15 minutes* 91% removal of mold spores in 9 minutes* 95% reduction of bacteria in 60 minutes* 95% reduction of VOC's within 60 minutes

Water Ozone was also designed for GL-3190 to water sterilization. Ozonizes water can be for hygiene purposes and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, residual pesticides from fruits and vegetables, hormones and antibiotics in meat, extending fresh produce shelf life by as longer as 30%. you can easy install tube and diffuser stone on to GL-3190 to generate ozone into water. disconnecting tube,the ozone also can be used for neutralizing stale and foul odors and kills bacteria, germs and viruses which are harmful to breathe, neutralizing and removing micro-organisms from indoor air and surfaces.

Application: In living rooms, bedrooms, private practices, nurseries, kindergarten, schools, gyms, nursing homes, hotel and conference rooms etc.

Specification:Plasma Ion output: 6×10,000,000 pcs/cm3; 

Ozone output 400mg/Hr

Voltage: 110V/60Hz

Package Included:1 x GL-3190 Air Purifier(plug:US); 2 x Aeration;   1 x Ozone Tube;  1 x User manual

Product type: Air Purifiers




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