🔥New Arrival🔥Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-02+Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W
🔥New Arrival🔥Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-02+Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W
🔥New Arrival🔥Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-02+Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W
🔥New Arrival🔥Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-02+Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W
🔥New Arrival🔥Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-02+Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W
🔥New Arrival🔥Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-02+Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W
🔥New Arrival🔥Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-02+Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W
🔥New Arrival🔥Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-02+Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W
🔥New Arrival🔥Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-02+Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W

🔥New Arrival🔥Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-02+Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W

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Portable Oxygen Concnetrator NT-02

Click here to view the portable oxygen concentrator NT-02 application scenarios

Model &Features
Inogen One G3
$ 999 
 $ 2495
 $ 549
 90% - 3% /+ 6%
Pulse flow
+ Release oxygen
every 3 seconds 
 Pulse flow
 Pulse flow
Low noise
4.85 Pounds
 4.9 Pounds
 7.05 Pounds
4-8 H 
4-5 H 
4-8 H  
Battery life
 3.5 H
 4.7 H
 Not Needed
 Needed (Buy separately)

NT-02 Highlights
✅Dual mode: Pulse dose + Release Oxygen Every 3 Seconds 
✅93% ± 3% Oxygen Concentration 
✅3-4 Hours Long Battery Lasting( Click here to get extra batteries
✅Replaceable Battery (Don't need battery charger)
✅Only 4.85Lb Lightweight 
✅Full Sets of Accessories
✅Free Versatile Bag

Three Different Charging Options
✅AC Power Supply- Home/Hotel/ Office/ Indoor Use
✅DC Power Supply-Use in the Car
✅Extra Battery- Outdoor Use


1. Portable Design for Outdoor Use
This oxygen concentrator is lightweight at 4.85lb and comes with a versatile bag that can be handheld, carried cross-body, or over one or both shoulders, adding more convenience to provide a reliable source of oxygen on the go. Great for the outdoors, plateau use, car use, and more.

2. Large Removable Battery
The portable oxygen concentrator is powered by a 6400mAh/92Wh long-lasting battery that can extend the use by 3-4 hours. Effortless removal in just 3 steps: 1) lay the product flat 2) pull the trigger, and 3) slide the battery in the direction of the arrow. 

3. Dual Oxygen Delivery Modes
This device has 2 oxygen delivery modes: Pulse Mode delivers oxygen by sensing the user's breathing rhythm, while Automatic Flow supplies oxygen at a fixed frequency. The 2 modes switch automatically according to users’ breathing patterns, suitable for a broad range of people.
The dual-mode oxygen concentrator NT-02 has an innovative oxygen supply mode to provide oxygen therapy to patients effectively. 
  • Compared with the only continuous oxygen mode, dual-mode oxygen can save power. This means that the NT-02 can run longer without draining the battery as quickly. 
  • Compared with the only pulse mode, the dual-mode oxygen supply can provide automatic oxygen delivery every 3 seconds. This automatic mode of oxygen delivery can help patients with shallow breathing and shortness of breath get oxygen easier.

4. Stable Oxygen Concentration
This oxygen machine outputs oxygen at a high and constant concentration of 93±3%. The flow rate is easily adjustable between 1-5L/min, allowing you to regulate the amount of oxygen you receive based on your needs.

5. Restful Oxygen Therapy
An auto shutdown timer on the oxygen concentrator machine allows you to set a time interval between 1-240min. Moreover, it can be conveniently used overnight while plugged in, ideal for anyone requiring oxygen therapy during sleep.

6. Intelligent Alert System
Our oxygen generator has an advanced built-in alert system, providing real-time alerts for low battery, no breath being detected, low oxygen concentration, or high temp. This offers peace of mind to stay in control of your oxygen therapy process.

7. Three Charging Options
AC Power Supply
The AC power supply is the primary way you charge your NT-02. The charger can be plugged into an indoor outlets for charging, and it takes about 4 hours to charge, depending on your outlet.

DC Power Supply
The DC power cord is a power cord that you can use in your car to charge your devices while in transit. This cord plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car, boat or RV. This charging method is suitable for people who travel by car or go out to do errands, or want to travel.

Extra Battery
When traveling, keep extra batteries on hand so you can replace dead batteries without being connected to a power source.

Manual for NT-02


Sleep Better, Travel Easier

Our portable oxygen generator is designed for convenience and mobility.
* It’s lightweight and comes with a versatile bag for easy carrying.
The large, removable battery supports 3-4 hours of continuous use.
CECA molecular sieve and self-filtration process ensure clean, pure oxygen.
The device maintains a stable oxygen concentration of 93±3%, while the flow is 1-5L/min adjustable.
Dual oxygen delivery modes switch automatically to suit the needs of different people
Built-in alert system provides peace of mind.
The auto shutdown timer and overnight use function enable restful oxygen therapy.
An excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and convenient way to receive oxygen therapy.


Product Name  VARON Oxygen Concentrator NT-02
Size 7.17*3.58*10.12 (L*W*H) Inches
Weight 4.85lb
Power supply DC 12~16.8V; AC100~240V; 50/60Hz
Input Power 68W
Oxygen flow 1-5L/min adjustable
Oxygen concentration 93%±3%
Battery capacity 92Wh/6.4Ah
Oxygen mode Pulse & 3 seconds steady oxygen supply
Noise ≤58dB(A)

NT-02 Components:
1X Portable oxygen concentrator
1X Instruction manual (Check the online manual here)
1X Carrying bag
2X Filter Pad 1X Battery
1X AC/DC Adapter
2X Disposable Oxygen Inhaler
1X On-board Power Cord
1X Warranty Card

Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W


VARON Home Oxygen Concentrator 105W Application Scenarios


This is a 1 liter professional oxygen generator developed by the German research and development team. It has the advantages of high oxygen concentration and stable oxygen output. It is suitable for home and vehicle scenarios, so that you can breathe in high-quality air at home and outdoor.

Product Name VARON Oxygen Concentrator 105W
Size 12*8.43*11.02 (L*W*H) Inches
Weight 13.22 Lb
Rated Voltage AC230V/50Hz; AC110V/60Hz
Input Power 150W
Oxygen Flow Rate 1-7L/min adjustable
Oxygen Mode Continuous
Oxygen Concentration 30%-90%
Atomization Rate ≥0.2mL/min
Operating Mode 48 hours
Operating Noise ≤48dB


Package Includes:

  • Oxygen concentrator*1
  • Power cord*1
  • Nebulizer*1
  • Nasal oxygen tube*1
  • Filter Screen*2
  • Filter*2
  • Filter cotton*2
  • Fuse*2
  • Remote control*1
  • Instruction manual*1(check the online manual here)


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Does an oxygen concentrator need to be cleaned?
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General Product Questions

Do I need a prescription to buy a portable oxygen concentrator?

No, we don’t need a prescription.

Can you fly with a portable concentrator?
Our Products are not FAA-approved, we suggest you use them during the excursion.

How does an oxygen concentrator work?

A portable oxygen concentrator is a device that separates oxygen from the air and allows you to breathe in the oxygen on an as-needed basis. Portable oxygen concentrators can run on both AC and DC power, and they can be charged by both. This battery charge allows it to bring in air, separate the oxygen from the rest of the air, and deliver it back into your lungs at whatever rate is appropriate for you. Some portable oxygen concentrators offer both continuous flows and pulse dose settings.

The home oxygen concentrator is a device that converts air into oxygen, allowing you to breathe easier. It runs on AC power and is only compatible with home or stationary models. The concentrator brings air through the inlet vent into the machine, where it passes through a filter that catches dust and other small foreign particles before going through an oxygen separation system. The oxygen is then released through the tube and cannula in the proper dosage.

Are batteries for the portable concentrator rechargeable?
The batteries for your portable oxygen concentrator can be recharged either with the AC power cord or in the car with the DC power cord. They can be recharged inside the concentrator, or if they are external batteries, they can be charged using their cord, or in an external battery charger depending on the model and type of batteries it takes. Battery recharging time varies from concentrator unit to unit, as well as depending on how old your battery is and how much remaining battery life it has left. The average recharge time is 4 to 5 hours.

Are there any portable oxygen concentrators that are continuous flow?

Although many portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) provide only pulse dose oxygen delivery, some units also deliver continuous flow.
NT-05 is an oxygen concentrator that provides 3L continuous flow. And the battery can last up to 2 hours.
NT-02 has 2 oxygen delivery modes: Pulse Mode delivers oxygen by sensing the user's breathing rhythm, while Continuous Flow supplies oxygen at a fixed frequency. The 2 modes switch automatically according to users’ breathing patterns, suitable for a broad range of people.

Can an oxygen concentrator be stored in a cold/hot room?
The standard ambient temperature range of our oxygen concentrator is -20℃~60℃. Cold conditions can affect the operating time of portable oxygen concentrator batteries.

Continuous or pulse flow?

A continuous flow oxygen concentrator means the oxygen generator can continuously supply oxygen. But pulse oxygen concentrators usually supply oxygen based on your breathing, because pulse oxygen concentrators usually have breathing sensors.

Products of continuous flow or pulse flow?

Our NT-02 portable oxygen concentrator can supply 1-5 L/min dual mode oxygen flow, adjustable. 

Our NT-01 portable oxygen concentrator can supply 1-5 L/min pulse flow, adjustable. 

Our NT-05 portable oxygen concentrator can supply 3 L/min continuous flow, stable.

Replace filters? how often?

Separately sold, it can be cleaned or replaced every 3-6 months, this is the link


Can I use the machine for 24 hours?

Yes, all of our home oxygen machines are suitable for you, they can work for 24h/7d, even when you sleeping.

How long is the warranty?

All of our brand-new home and portable oxygen concentrators have a one-year warranty, except our used oxygen concentrator and accessories.

Oxygen Concentrator Product Questions

How do you check/read the hours on the portable oxygen concentrator NT-02?
Battery indicators: This shows the current battery capacity, which is calculated

based on the real-time voltage value and may deviate from the actual situation.

For reference only.

There are 4 battery indicators on the operation panel:

4 lights on -------- battery capacity≧90%

3 lights on -------- 90%>battery capacity≧75%

2 lights on -------- 75%>battery capacity≧50%

1 light on -------- 50%>battery capacity≧25%

1 light flashing -------- battery capacity<25%

Can you use oxygen concentrators when sleeping?
Yes, home oxygen concentrators are suitable for you, they can work for 24h/7d, even when you sleeping.

How long can the NT-02 battery work?

Battery Duration:


8 Cell Battery

16 Cell Battery

1 Liter

3 hours 20 minutes, average

6 hours 40 minutes, average

2 Liter

3 hours, average

6 hours, average

3 Liter

2 hours 15 minutes, average

4 hours 30 minutes, average

4 Liter

2 hours, average

4 hours, average

5 Liter

1 hour 45 minutes, average

3 hours 30 minutes, average

What is the negative ion?
negative ion: Negative oxygen ions can effectively strengthen the ciliary movement of the tracheal mucosal epithelium, affect the activity of respiratory enzymes in the epithelial villi, improve the secretory function of alveoli and the ventilation and ventilation functions of the lung, relieve bronchospasm, increase lung capacity, adjust the respiratory rate, and relieve cough, etc.

What is the Atomization function?
Atomization: The atomization function of the oxygen concentrator uses expertise to help the respiratory system target this one place, so it has few side effects. At the same time, because the atomized very small particles are better absorbed, the damage to the respiratory system is also very small.

Which one is the lightest portable oxygen concentrator?
NT-03 is the lightest portable oxygen concentrator, which is only 3.1 lbs.
The battery for NT-03 is 0.66 lbs.

What are the 5L portable oxygen concentrators?
NT-01 and NT-02 provide 1-5L oxygen flow and 93% ± 3% oxygen concentration. The biggest difference is NT-01 has an internal battery that can’t be replaced. NT-01 has a replaceable battery that can last up to 4 hours.

Whats the difference between the 3 model home oxygen concentrators?

What are the different types of Oxygen Concentrators?

Two types of oxygen concentrators

Two types of oxygen concentrators

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