How to choose a suitable oxygen concentrator in a pet hospital?

The development of PSA(molecular Molecular Sieve Pressure Swing Adsorption Principle Oxygen Production Technology)Air as raw materials, and physical preparation with hospital oxygen concentrators have almost become standard equipment for pets. Compared with the bulky oxygen cylinder, the oxygen concentrator is easy to move, and the oxygen can be used at any time. Oxygen concentrators solve the problem of animals needing oxygen during treatment.

 However, there are various types of oxygen generators on the market. How to choose a suitable and reliable oxygen generator?

 1.High oxygen concentration

There is no doubt that oxygen concentration is the first criterion for judging the quality of an oxygen concentrator. The oxygen concentration on the market that meets the medical standards should be guaranteed to reach 93%±3% so that there is sufficient medical value, Oxygen concentrators can provide enough oxygen for pets large and small for large and small pets.

2.Continuous oxygen supply

Keeping the machine running for a long time, supplying oxygen uninterrupted, and ensuring the stability of the oxygen concentration are the keys to testing the performance of the oxygen generator. Consider some particular cases. It is necessary to configure an oxygen concentrator that can run for 24 hours. All the home oxygen concentrators can run 24H/7D. 

3.Light and flexible

Like oxygen supply equipment that can be used at any time, The lightweight body and the quick-moving universal wheel on the base make it more convenient to use than the bulky high-pressure oxygen cylinder.

4.bass and low noise

The pet hospital often needs to receive various severe diseases. Sick pets will be in a very stressed and anxious state.

 Any external stimuli may cause pressure on pets, increase the psychological burden of pets, and increase the difficulty of medical treatment. Therefore, low noise has also become an important criterion to measure the quality of the oxygen generator。

5.Smart Settings

According to the oxygen supply-demand of different cases, the timer function can be set intelligently, the oxygen production program can stop automatically according to the time you set so that the medical staff does not need to turn off the machine. While meeting the oxygen supply requirement, this function can avoid meaningless equipment operation.


Atomization therapy is an essential treatment method for pet doctors. Choosing an oxygen concentrator with an atomization function not only saves expenses but also reduces equipment replacement. In addition, this function also facilitates medical staff to formulate more efficient and effective treatment plans. Some of the machines in TTLife have an atomization function.

7.Easy to clean

In the environment of the pet hospital, in particular, the instruments are easily contaminated with various stains, and the air intake holes are also prone to the accumulation of pet hair. Therefore, a suitable oxygen generator needs to clean easily, and an air inlet filter to facilitate cleaning by the operator.

 Here are some practical tips for those who need oxygen concentrators in a pet hospital. If you have any other requirements please tell us, we are willing to help you deal with your difficulties.