NT-02: Compact Oxygen Therapy, Tailored to Your Needs

The o2 concentrator NT-02 is a powerful and versatile respiratory device that offers individuals with respiratory conditions a reliable and adjustable oxygen therapy solution. With its compact size, lightweight design, multiple power supply options, and adjustable oxygen flow rates, the NT-02 provides the freedom and convenience to maintain respiratory health on the go. In this blog, we will explore the key features and benefits of the VARON Oxygen Concentrator NT-02 and how it can enhance the quality of life for individuals seeking portable oxygen therapy.

Compact Design and Lightweight
Measuring 7.17 * 3.58 * 10.12 inches (LWH) and weighing just 4.85 pounds, the o2 concentrator NT-02 boasts a compact and lightweight design. This portable device is easy to carry or transport, providing users the freedom to move about their daily activities without feeling encumbered. Whether it's running errands, attending social events, or traveling, the NT-02's compact size ensures it can seamlessly fit into any lifestyle, empowering individuals to embrace life without the restrictions of traditional, bulky oxygen concentrators.

Versatile Power Supply Options
The o2 concentrator NT-02 is designed with multiple power supply options to maximize convenience and flexibility. It can be powered by a DC 12-16.8V power source or an AC100-240V outlet, accommodating various environments and power infrastructures. This versatility allows individuals to use the device virtually anywhere, from their homes to cars and even during outdoor activities. Furthermore, the inclusion of both DC and AC power options ensures continuous and uninterrupted oxygen therapy, maintaining respiratory support regardless of the power source availability.

Adjustable Oxygen Flow and Concentration
Offering adjustable oxygen flow rates from 1 to 5 liters per minute, the o2 concentrator NT-02 allows users to customize their oxygen therapy according to their specific needs. This flexibility ensures individuals receive the optimal oxygen levels for their respiratory conditions, promoting enhanced comfort and improved physical endurance. Additionally, the device delivers oxygen concentrations at 93%±3%, ensuring the highest quality oxygen therapy for users. This precision in oxygen delivery caters to the diverse needs of individuals with different respiratory requirements, providing reliable and personalized respiratory support.

Battery-Powered Convenience
The o2 concentrator NT-02 is equipped with a long-lasting 92Wh/6.4Ah battery, offering users the convenience of portable and battery-powered respiratory support. This feature enhances mobility and allows individuals to use the device on-the-go, without having to rely solely on power outlets. The ample battery capacity ensures prolonged usage and peace of mind for individuals during outdoor activities or situations where a power source may not be readily available. With the NT-02, users can confidently navigate their daily routines, travel, and engage in various activities, all while maintaining uninterrupted respiratory support.

Quiet and Discreet Operation
The o2 concentrator NT-02 operates at a noise level of ≤58dB(A), maintaining a quiet and unobtrusive environment for both users and those around them. The low noise emission allows individuals to use the device discreetly without drawing unnecessary attention, fostering a sense of privacy and normalcy. This feature is particularly beneficial in social settings and public spaces, enabling users to enjoy conversations, attend events, or engage in daily activities without feeling self-conscious about their respiratory requirements or the noise generated by their oxygen concentrator.

The Vo2 concentrator NT-02 combines a compact design, versatility in power supply, adjustable oxygen flow, battery-powered convenience, and quiet operation. These advanced features make it the ideal choice for individuals seeking a lightweight and portable oxygen therapy solution. With the NT-02, users can confidently embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle while effectively managing their respiratory health.